Learn, play, and grow.

Lacrosse for Little Ones
18-Months to 5-Years Old

Fall 2023 Class Info Coming Soon.

At Lil’ Wands, our mission is to promote healthy habits and active lifestyles in young children through the sport of lacrosse. We provide a fun and engaging environment for children to learn and improve their skills, while enhancing language and motor development through age-appropriate, non-contact games and guided play. We strive to foster a positive and inclusive environment, building the foundation for lifelong health and wellness.

All Equipment is Provided.

Lil’ Wands Curriculum:

Week 1 – Scooping Up Gravity
Scoop away while learning how gravity impacts lacrosse and everything around us. Introduction to lacrosse, player safety, and the dynamics of playing on a sports team. The game of the week is gravity goals.

Week 2 – Centrifugal Cradling Force
Cradling and centrifugal force are next up on the learning ladder. Carrying a ball safely to the goal using science has never been so much fun. The game of the week is Centrifugal Sea Monsters.

Week 3 – Passing The Distance
When passing to your teammate it’s important to know how hard to throw the ball. Learn how to measure the distance between yourself and others to gauge your passes. The game of the week is Around the World.

Week 4 – Catching The Law Of Motion
Understanding The Law of Motion will help instill fundamental techniques needed to catch a fast moving ball. Eye-hand coordination is the main focus during this class. The game of the week is Hacky Sack Catch.

Week 5 – Scoring Goals With Kinetic Energy
Harnessing our kinetic energy will bring the speed of our passes and shots to a whole new level. Enjoy scoring lots of goals with friends and family. The game of the week is Hurry Hungry Hippo.

Week 6 – Staying Steady with Balance
Balancing a ball in the pocket of your lacrosse stick as you pass or shoot the ball will help with aim and accuracy. The game of the week is Balloon Balance.

Week 7 – Field Of Spatial Awareness
Being aware of others and objects moving through the environment improves safety and helps you navigate to your goal. The game of the week is Hula Hoop Relays.

Week 8 – Teamwork Makes The Dream Work
In our final week, we celebrate the power of teamwork in lacrosse. Learn how to work together with your teammates, communicate effectively, and strategize for success. The game of the week is Unicorn Unity.

Nurture your child’s physical and social development with our whole child lacrosse program. Our high-energy classes are designed for girls and boys aged 18 months to 5 years old, and held on indoor fields or gymnasiums. All necessary equipment is provided, so your child can focus on having fun while learning and playing. Our program is specifically designed to promote age-appropriate skill development and socialization, with a focus on non-contact, age-appropriate games, lessons, and free play. Your child will be placed on small, co-ed teams based on age and experience, ensuring a positive and inclusive environment for all.

Fall 2023 Class Info Coming Soon.