Lil’ Wands Tadpoles Class

Tadpoles (Parent/Child)
18-36 mo Age Group
Early childhood development sports team for kids and parents. Free play sports and science lessons focusing on the foundation of building a strong brain and body.
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Developmental Milestones 18 months-

Independent Walking, but stays close.
Climbs all over furniture and objects.
Attempts to use a spoon.
Feed themselves with fingers.
Grip a crayon or pencil.
Push a car.
Copy simple task.
Use fingers to point.

At 18 months of age children begin to follow one-step directions, they can play with toys in simple ways, they are walking without holding on to anyone or anything and they can climb on and off the couch or chair without help. It is advised that children are encouraged to play by rolling a ball back and forth, pushing toys, such as cars, and placing items, like blocks, in and out of containers.

Developmental Milestones 24 months-

Runs, runs, and runs some more.
Walk and not climb up stairs.
Eats with utensils.
Kick a ball.
Remove lid from container.
Nods yes and no.
Remove Shoes.
Play alongside other children.
Start to grow more independent from parents.

At 24-months, children don’t know how to share or problem-solve yet. Children are encouraged to throw, roll, and kick balls as well as to stack blocks and knock them down at this age.

Participating in a group activity and following instructions will help with focus and concentration. Over time, these skills will translate into better attention span, which will be useful when beginning school. By keeping in mind their age and their abilities and by not pushing them to do more than they can handle, you will ensure your child has an enjoyable time in their new activity, which will set the foundation for a lifetime of healthy habits.

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